Mr Barista Cafe™

MrBaristaCafeMr Barista Cafe gives the option for Coffees alone or food as well – in one convenient mobile shop.

  • All your favourite (Double Shot) Coffees
    • Flat White, Latte, Cappuccino, Mochaccino, Espresso, Machiatto, Long Black, Decaf, Hot Chocolate, Teas, Fluffies
  • Organic Milks  plus Cafe Soy for non dairy option
  • Specialty Syrups
    • Caramel, Vanilla, Chai, Hazelnut
  • Menu Options
    • Seafood: Snapper & Chips, Seafood Basket, Whitebait Fritters,
    • Family Favourites: Chips, Hound Dogs, Frankies,  Toasted Sandwiches, Nachos
    • Burgers: Big Angel Bay Beauty, Bacon & Egg, Snapper
    • Sweets: Tip Top Ice-creams, Sundaes, Cinnamon Donuts, Lollies, Choc Bars
    • Cold drinks: Milkshakes, Thickshakes, Coke/Sprite/Zero, Water
  • Additional Specialty On-site Catering (by arrangement)
    • BBQ Ribs, Stuffed Yorkshire Puddings, Chicken Wing Dings, Seafood chowder, Fresh Smoked Mussels, Fresh Steamed Mussels.

Mr Barista™ is an independently owned and operated Mobile Coffee Cart and Food specialist based in Mount Maunganui / Tauranga.

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